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Welcome to Total Lawn Care with Just Plants, offering much more than just a lawn treatment company. Set up in 2014,  we specialise in all aspects of lawn care in Northallerton and the surrounding area,  including regular mowing where required, creating and maintaining healthy lawns.

As every lawn is different, we offer a treatment and maintenance package specifically for your lawn, ensuring your grass receives everything it requires to thrive.

A lovely green lawn does not just happen by accident, but is the result of time and effort spent.


Applying a fertiliser to the lawn is one of the most important tasks in lawn care. A balanced feed programme throughout the year helps to promote a healthy turf that is able to withstand most lawn care problems. The different seasons require different types of fertiliser. 

Moss Control:



Autumn is THE time to examine your lawn(s) for signs of summer wear and tear, and treat if necessary. ​At this time of year, any treatment has time to take effect before soil temperatures fall and growth stops.

  • Scarifying - Regular scarifying keeps levels of old grass stems, dead moss and other debris at an acceptable level. Layers of thatch can impede water and fertiliser penetration.

  • Aerating - Spiking lawns allows better movement of air and water in the root zone. A well-aerated lawn will manage much better in periods of drought or waterlogging. Generally, spiking every 2 - 3 years would be adequate, concentrating on areas that receive the most wear and are compacted.

  • Top-dressing - the application of loam, sand and organic matter to correct surface irregularities and improve the texture of the soil. This encourages greater rooting and thickening of the turf.

  • Feeding - Applying a low nitrogen autumn feed to the lawn to strengthen and prepare the grass for the colder months ahead.

  • Leaves - Clear fallen leaves regularly to prevent disease setting in.

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