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A healthy, well-maintained lawn is an attractive feature of your garden, providing a clear area in which to walk, play and relax. Just Plants offer a range of lawn-care services designed to improve and maintain the appearance and health of your lawn


Beds and mixed borders provide the greatest opportunity for creating year-round interest and colour in the garden. Unfortunately, their appearance is all too often spoilt by weeds and overgrown or neglected plants. At Just Plants, we can restore and maintain the appearance and health of your borders, or indeed plan and plant a new one for you.


Whether creating a boundary or just a screen within your own garden, hedges can quickly becone overgrown and unsightly. Regular cutting will maintain their appearance and overall health. Normal hedge-cutting is carried out through the autumn and winter months, with only light trimming neccessary in summer to avoid disturbing any nesting birds.


Shrub and small tree removal

Whether in poor or dangerous condition or just in the wrong place, we are able to remove shrubs and smaller trees and dispose of the waste cuttings. Also available to safely remove fallen trees / branches from your garden. The purchase of the new Eliet shredder can turn much of the waste into a useable mulch for the border, or material for composting if required.

Keeping paths, patios and driveways clean and clear of moss will dramatically improve their appearance. We offer both treatments to kill the moss and algae as well as a pressure wash service to keep areas looking their best.

Fences are the most common form of property boundary, coming in many shapes and sizes. A well-maintained fence can be attractive in it's own right, but often, damage caused by weather, as well as just general neglect can detract from both their security and appearance. Just Plants can repair, renew and maintain your fences. Just call 07581 862784 for a FREE quotation.


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