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Drives, Paths &Patio Cleaning

Over the course of the year all hard surfaces become covered in a layer of dirt making them less attractive and even slippery when wet. A  regular programme of treatment for moss and algae build up, as well as thoroughly cleaning will certainly bring back their appearance.

Fully trained and licensed in the safe and correct use of pesticides, Just Plants can kill unwanted weeds, moss and algae, and either pressure wash or power brush the surface to restore the original appearance.

Whether block paved, concrete or tarmac, we can sort them.

Leaf Clearance

Autumn is a colourful season but the falling leaves can be troublesome and messy. We can clear them from your driveways as well as lawns and borders, and even dispose of the leaves for recycling if required. 

Later in the season, once all the leaves are down, we can come and clear the gutters.

Made to Measure

Compost bins, log stores and gates built to your requirements.

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