Hedges & Shrubs

A hedge can provide an attractive natural boundary to your property, or be used to separate different areas of the garden, As well as providing a natural windbreak, it can also be a home to many species of birds giving them shelter from predators and providing an ideal nesting place for many. 

Whatever the type of hedge; conifer, evergreen of deciduous, it will need trimming through the year in order to look it's best. Note that it is an offence under The Wildlife and Countryside Act to disturb nesting birds. Always check first for birds nests before trimming hedges and shrubs.

Just Plants provide a reliable hedge cutting and shrub pruning service throughout the year, as well as winter pruning of apple and pear trees.


Tasks for February:


Tie up or remove splayed out branches on conifers that have become damaged by the weather.

Firm back any newly planted trees or shrubs if they have been lifted by frost or winds. Replace any tree stakes which are rotting and slacken ties if necessary.

Mulch and feed shrubs, trees and hedges after pruning  to give them energy for the growth to come.

Trim winter flowering heathers as the flowers fade to prevent the plants becoming leggy and bare. Only prune current growth though.

Prune winter flowering jasmine once the flowers have faded, tying new shoots to the main framework to maintain shape and appearance.

Complete pruning of pear and apple trees before the end of the month. Note. Do not prune stone fruits such as cherry and plum as they ase susceptible to silver leaf disease if pruned at this time of thenyear.

Apple / pear tree pruning.

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