Hedges & Shrubs

A hedge can provide an attractive natural boundary to your property, or be used to separate different areas of the garden, As well as providing a natural windbreak, it can also be a home to many species of birds giving them shelter from predators and providing an ideal nesting place for many. 

Whatever the type of hedge; conifer, evergreen of deciduous, it will need trimming through the year in order to look it's best. Note that it is an offence under The Wildlife and Countryside Act to disturb nesting birds. Always check first for birds nests before trimming hedges and shrubs.

Just Plants provide a reliable hedge cutting and shrub pruning service throughout the year, as well as winter pruning of apple and pear trees.




With the weather (hopefully) improving from now onwards, the birds will start their nest building. Best not to cut hedges at this time, but if you do need to, then always ensure there are no nesting birds before you begin. 

February is really the latest month in which apple and pear trees can be pruned. Stone fruits such as plums and cherries need to be left until later in the season to avoid possible disease.

The base of hedges and shrubs often encourage the growth of ivy. Now is a good time to tackle this, if not already done, as well as removing weeds etc from underneath.

Hedges and small trees to trim later in the year - contact now for a free quote.