Hedges & Shrubs

A hedge can provide an attractive natural boundary to your property, or be used to separate different areas of the garden, As well as providing a natural windbreak, it can also be a home to many species of birds giving them shelter from predators and providing an ideal nesting place for many. 

Whatever the type of hedge; conifer, evergreen of deciduous, it will need trimming through the year in order to look it's best. Note that it is an offence under The Wildlife and Countryside Act to disturb nesting birds. Always check first for birds nests before trimming hedges and shrubs.

Just Plants provide a reliable hedge cutting and shrub pruning service throughout the year, as well as winter pruning of apple and pear trees.

Tasks for Autumn:

By September, bird nesting is generally over for the year. However, it is still important to check first before cutting hedges and shrubs. Blackbirds and pigeons are frequently late season nesters.

  • Give evergreen hedges a final trim to make sure they are in shape for winter.

  • Clip evergreen hedges such as Privet and Box

  • Prune flowering shrubs such as Weigela and Philadelphus after they have finished flowering

  • Prune wall trained Pyracanthas, removing any shoots coming out from the wall, and shortening other growth to around 7cm. This encourages spur formation and increased flowering.

  • Remove any reverted green shoots on variegated evergreens such a Euonymus, to prevent reversion taking over.

  • Clear fallen leaves regularly

Hedge needing to be trimmed. Contact us for a free quote.

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