Beds & Borders

Borders and flower beds form an important part of the garden, providing colour and form through the changing seasons, as well as food and shelter for a vast range of wildlife. The size and shape variations are endless and the choice of plants and planting styles vast. A well cared for border is an asset to any home. Whether low-maintenance or not, all borders require an element of upkeep and general care.

Just Plants provide a comprehensive maintenance service for all of your planted areas throughout the year covering planting, weed control, pruning and splitting plants. We are also able to supply a selection of hardy perennials suitable for local gardens.

Any cuttings and waste materials can be removed to the local recycling site if required.,

Tasks for Autumn:

September generally marks the start of the cooler and noticeably shorter days. It's an ideal time to get out planting spring flowering bulbs for next year. ​Jobs for this month include:

  • Divide herbaceous perennials

  • Collect and sow seed from hardy annuals and perennials

  • keep on top of weed clearance as the damper weather will encourage them to multiply

  • Cut back plants that have finished to maintain a tidy border

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