Beds & Borders

Borders and flower beds form an important part of the garden, providing colour and form through the changing seasons, as well as food and shelter for a vast range of wildlife. The size and shape variations are endless and the choice of plants and planting styles vast. A well cared for border is an asset to any home. Whether low-maintenance or not, all borders require an element of upkeep and general care.

Just Plants provide a comprehensive maintenance service for all of your planted areas throughout the year covering planting, weed control, pruning and splitting plants. We are also able to supply a selection of hardy perennials suitable for local gardens.

Any cuttings and waste materials can be removed to the local recycling site if required.,

Tasks for February:

Cut back ornamental grasses which have been left for winter colour and structure.

Divide and replant bulbs such as snowdrops and aconited while 'in the green'.

Divide any clumps of herbaceous perennials which have become too large for their space, as well as any that are poorly shaped or not flowering well last season.

Improve the drainage of heavy clay soil by working in organic matter adn coarse grit.

Mulching borders with a deep layer of organic material can help condition the soil, conserve moisture and suppress weed growth. Ensure any perennial weeds such as Dandelion have been removed first though.