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Just Plants has now been providing a comprehensive, year-round lawn-care and garden maintenance service for 7 years, concentrating on private clients gardens.

We specialise in the care of the plants in your garden, able to  schedule regular visits throughout the year, as well as those "one-off" tasks such as hedge trimming or fruit tree pruning.

Fully licensed in the safe application and use of pesticides, we offer a complete weed control service, both for lawns and hard landscaped areas such as driveways and patios.

Also registered with the Environment Agency for waste removal, ensuring any green waste we take away is disposed of legally and recycled wherever possible.





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Despite the weather at the start of this month, February marks the start of approaching springtime. Aconites and snowdrops are among the first of the years flowers to provide cheery colour, as light levels and temperatures generally increase through the month. Birds start their squabbles over territory prior to nesting, blackbirds especially fighting in the garden. Frogs wake from their dormancy, the males voicing their charms to attract females.

As the garden comes to life, it is time to prune shrubs and climbers such as Wisteria, as well as evergreen hedges before the birds start their nest-building. (But please check for early starters, as it is morally wrong, as well as illegal to disturb nesting birds)

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